"Interesting & Fun To Say The Least - This App does exactly what it says." ~ Matt F.
"Pretty good! Set timer and leave for a period and it monitors all connectivity. Seems a pretty good idea!" ~ Andrew T.
"The app is real and works quite impressively... By all means it would be a good deal to install SpyWarn on your phone instead of all the other antivirus applications as you can be sure this app offers more than just virus protection... it would be false to say that the idea is anything less than amazing." ~ alphadigits.com
"All the work is done automatically for you and you only have to sit back and relax as you wait for the results... SpyWarn is a wonderful idea and very useful." ~ appsandapplications.com
"This app is not the usually suspect compared to others. Essentially an info tool which is a good addition. The manual/book is worth the dosh alone..." ~ P.G.
An AlphaDigits Top Rated App "The app is pretty unique and unlike many other mobile applications it is real and not for entertainment. It helps you regain your privacy and keep all the snoops out of your life." ~ appmodo.com
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