Android app on Google PlayAccording to The New York Times, “The antivirus industry has a dirty little secret: its products are often not very good at stopping viruses.”

Another tester came to a similar conclusion, “The results, generally speaking, were dismal… Many missed half or more of the spyware apps.”

…and, from The Wall Street Journal… “Symantec Corp. invented commercial antivirus software to protect computers from hackers a quarter-century ago. Now the company says such tactics are doomed to failure.”

Other “spyware detection” apps only scan for known spyware. New and well hidden spyware is missed. You need to be sure.

SPYWARN™ IS DIFFERENT (patent pending)
SpyWarn™ is a new and unique forensic methodology. It provides the functionality to detect all active spyware, with confidence, by monitoring what the active infection is doing. And, ALL spyware is doing something.

SpyWarn™ is not an entertainment app. It helps you conduct a serious spyware evaluation, and it does this better than any other app on the market.


Start by taking the SURVEY. This is the same survey developed by counterespionage consulting firm Murray Associates for use during paid consultations with their business and government clients.

If you don’t check, you won’t know. Download SpyWarn™.

As soon as you finish the SURVEY in SpyWarn™ a Preliminary Threat Level is computed based on your observations.
SpyWarn™ continues with automated enhanced testing of your phone’s internal processes. During this time, the Threat Level is refined based on the additional information being developed.


Special Feature: An EAVESDROPPING WARNING BANNER silently pops-up if spyware, or baseband hacking, activates your microphone and transmitter. This is a 100% indication of real-time eavesdropping using your phone as a bug.

Of course, legitimate phone calls will prompt the same warning. Smartphones are stupid. They can’t tell the difference between legitimate or illegitimate phone activation. So, only run SpyWarn™ when you are not making a phone call.


The ANALYSIS portion of the examination measures the key internal phone functions affected by spyware. The ANALYSIS and SURVEY results are then integrated to produce a Final Threat Level score. A HISTORY file is automatically maintained for future reference and trend spotting.

Should you determine your phone is infected, read the eBook, “Is My Cell Phone Bugged?” It is included FREE in SpyWarn™, and provides professional advice about what to do next.

If your phone is bugged, read about what to do next.
“Is My Cell Phone Bugged?”
(152 pages, $17.95 in hardcover, 4.5 star review on Amazon)
The fact-packed eBook version is included FREE in SpyWarn™.

SpyWarn™ is not just about detecting spyware, it is about regaining your privacy, and keeping snoops out of your life.

Additional topics covered include:
• GSM Bugs.
• Home cordless phones.
• Wireless headsets and the eavesdropping possibilities.
• Bluetooth bugging.
• Spyware, eavesdropping and general snooping precautions.
• U.S. Eavesdropping laws.
• Warning signs your smartphone is bugged with spyware.
• How your conversations get out in ways you don’t expect.
• Do-it-yourself cell phone forensics.
• Pre-bugged cell phones.
• Security advice for all smartphone users.
• and much more…

SpyWarn™ is an Android anti-spyware app based on the book,  “Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything you need to know to keep your mobile communications private,” by Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM, CFE, MPSC

The SpyWarn protocol was originally created by Murray Associates for their business clients – who wanted to protect their top executives against spying. This simple-to-use forensic exam was designed to be used by anyone, had to fulfill the following requirements:
• No special skills should be necessary to use it.
• No special forensic tools should be required to make it work.
• Must allow anyone to make a quick and reasonable spyware evaluation.
• WARNING if live microphone eavesdropping occurs while testing.
• The owner must be able to conduct the test anytime, anyplace.
• No further assistance needed once the instructions have been read.
• Effectiveness should be immune to spyware and phone advancements.

• SpyWarn™ versions lower than 2.0 are no longer supported.
• Detailed instructions and definitions are included in the eBook and in information icons. They also appear here.
• Only you see the data SpyWarn™ collects; it never leaves your phone.
• Problems using SpyWarn™, or suggestions, please let us know.
• If SpyWarn™ helps you feel more secure please help others by writing a positive review on Google Play.

Thank you!
The SpyWarn™ Team